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Voluntary Clean Water Guidance for Agriculture Draft Comment Period

We are seeking comments on the draft chapters of our Voluntary Clean Water for Agriculture Guidance. The guidance is a technical resource for agricultural producers that describes Ecology’s recommended best management practices (BMPs) to protect water quality. The goal of this guidance is to support healthy farms and help farmers meet clean water quality standards.  

The guidance will contain 13 chapters, which will cover different conservation practices and give agricultural producers a comprehensive set of BMPs for protecting water quality. As we finish each draft chapter, we will distribute the new chapter for public comment.

We have completed drafts of the guidance’s Introduction as well as the Cropping Methods: Tillage and Residue Management chapter of the guidance. The next chapters we are working on include: Sediment Basin Control, Livestock Management-Pasture & Rangeland Grazing, Livestock Management-Animal Confinement, Manure Handling & Storage, and Suites of Recommended Practices. We plan on having drafts of these chapters completed in 2021.

Ecology invites you to review and comment on the following:
Chapter 1: Cropping Methods: Tillage & Residue Management

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We welcome feedback on these pieces of the guidance throughout 2020-2021. People may also choose to wait until we have more chapters drafted before providing feedback. We will not finalize the first chapter of the guidance until we finish the next several chapters.  We plan to close the comment period and finalize all of the chapters in this first batch of guidance toward the end of the 2021. 

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