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Toxic Free Cosmetics Act (TFCA) implementation and cosmetics Rulemaking

We invite you to review and comment on our efforts to implement the Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act (TFCA) and to write preliminary draft rule requirements for restrictions on formaldehyde-releasing chemicals.

In 2023, Washington state adopted the Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act (TFCA), (Ch. 70A.560 RCW), to ensure the safety of cosmetic products and protect Washington residents from toxic exposure.

We would like to hear from manufacturers, the public, cosmetologists, and cosmetic businesses, associations, and organizations. Your comments will help inform our implementation efforts and elements of the preliminary draft rule.


Helpful comments on implementation could provide feedback on:

  • Products, product categories, and brands that are important or frequently used.
  • Functions of restricted chemicals for which information on alternatives are needed.
  • Technical assistance services - What works well, and what could be improved.


We started a rulemaking to develop Chapter 173-339 WAC - Cosmetic Product Restrictions, a new chapter in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). We intend to adopt a rule that identifies chemicals used in cosmetic products that release formaldehyde (formaldehyde releasers) and adopt restrictions for the identified formaldehyde releasers.

Helpful comments on rulemaking could provide feedback on:

  • Restrictions that apply to the use of specified formaldehyde releasers used in cosmetic products.
  • Allowances for products currently in the chain of commerce - stockpiled or available for purchase.
  • Compliance schedules.
  • Definitions of key terms such as "intentionally added".
  • Other requirements or restrictions allowed by law.

We plan to share the preliminary draft rule this summer. Subscribe to our TFCA email list to get updates related to this rulemaking.

For more information, visit our webpages:

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Comments are due by August 13th, 2024 11:59pm PST

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Next steps: When the comment period ends, we will use your comments to improve our implementation efforts and inform elements of the new rule, like which formaldehyde-releasing chemicals to restrict and when.

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