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Dangerous Waste Rulemaking - Formal Comment Period

Please note this comment form is for submitting formal comments to the Washington State Department of Ecology on proposed revisions to the dangerous waste regulations. Any information (e.g., personal or contact) you provide on this comment form or in an attachment may be publicly disclosed and posted on the Internet. Commenter contact information is optional. Contact information is necessary if you want to receive future notices or responses related to this topic.

Ecology proposes to amend Chapter 173-303 Washington Administrative Code (WAC), Dangerous Waste Regulations. These regulations set standards for the safe management of dangerous wastes. Ecology plans to amend specific sections of the dangerous waste regulations to incorporate new federal hazardous waste rules. These changes may affect how generators manage their dangerous waste, adding regulations for solvent-contaminated wipes, legitimate recycling, import and export of hazardous waste, and e-manifests. In addition, we are proposing to restructure the regulations for easier use and compliance, along with added flexibility. Also, other state-initiated changes are being proposed.

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This rulemaking package does not included proposed rules for dangerous waste pharmaceuticals. EPA has not yet adopted final pharmaceutical regulations, and has indicated there could be significant changes from their proposal. We will re-propose these rules after EPA adopts final rules.

Comments are due by October 5, 2018. When the formal comment period closes, we will prepare a response to comments summary and explanatory statement, indicating what changes have been made due to comments. 

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